State: CT
Age: 14 months
DOB: April 2018
Weight: 50#
Sex: Male
Neut/UTD: yes/yes
Coat Color: Brindle and white
Docked tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: Yes
Children over 4: Yes
Seperation Anxiety: No
Other dogs: yes
Cats: No (no history)
trained: Yes
House Trained: Mostly
Leash Trained: Learning
Obedience Trained: Somewhat

8/31/19-Though Rocky looks and acts healthy he has been having ongoing issues with very elevated liver enzymes due to an unknown reason.  He moved to CT to another foster home today so he can see a different vet to try to figure out what is going on. Updates soon from his new foster mom.

8/6/19 -Rocky continues to be quite the character and is supplying endless hours of entertainment.  What a happy, fun loving, boxer goofball who has not met a toy he doesn't love. Since his neuter on 7/23 the Vet has been monitoring an elevated liver enzyme which showed up in a blood test. He was put on a 21day antibiotic and will have repeat blood test on 8/15 to ensure everything is AOK with him. Until then the wrestle mania sessions will continue every AM and PM. It is funny to watch the three of them amuse each other  and then collapse from total exhaustion. House breaking is coming along well but he becomes easily distracted outside (at night he chases those little white moths and he forgets why he is outside), so you HAVE to visually verify that he took care of business. Will post his blood tests as soon as it happens but there is no reason why he should not find his forever home soon.

7/16/19   Silly, rambunctious, very smart, inquisitive, runs like a greyhound, likes every person and dog that he meets, and plays like a typical boxer.  Rocky was neutered yesterday and is ready to rock and roll into his forever home ASAP. In my opinion, he would be a perfect 2nd dog who lives to play and wrestle. He has met his match with my 5/yo boxer and the 10 y/o boxer even tries to get in on the action. Rocky is a very active boy....either running, wrestling, playing with a toy, chewing on a bone, playing fetch, and I would say that a fenced in backyard would be his dream. He knows the basic commands however his enthusiasm leaves him with a short attention span but in an obedience class, he would be the star.

6/27/19-We found out Rocky is a little older than we were originally told and he is about 14 months old.  More updates from his foster home soon.

6/24/19-Rocky checks all the boxes when it comes to why people fall in love with this breed of dog. He likes everybody he meets, is ready to romp at a moments notice, and he is the best at rear end wiggling and walking at the same time. Beautiful markings, long legs, and best big floppy ears. He is VERY curious about everything and anything, can't play with enough toys, knows sit, shake, comes when you clap your hands and "leave it". Initial meeting with my two boxers were not stellar because he was just way too in their faces friendly. His enthusiasm was dealt with corrective snarls and his manners are getting much better. I hope he finds a home with kids because this is the kind of dog that many good memories are made of.  Another dog to play and wrestle with would be Rocky's request. He will be neutered in two weeks and then can go home soon after.

6/20/19-Rocky is a 9 month old owner surrender that came into rescue today.  He is a typical high energy boxer pup. Current owner got him from a friend that moved and can’t have at his apartment. He’s crate trained, good with other dogs. Person who has him now just works too much for a puppy. He’s so awesome! Really well socialized. He was in the back seat with the little kids he was living with (3 and 6) and owner said Rocky was fabulous with them both for the week he had them and would have no reservations placing him with kids.  More updates soon as his foster mom gets to know him.