State: CT 
Age: 21 months 
DOB: 4/28/17
Weight: 60 lbs 
Sex: Male
Neutered/UPT: yes/yes
Cropped ears: Natural 
Children under 4: No (no history)
Children over 4 : Yes 
Separation anxiety: Unknown 
Other dogs:Yes
Cats: No
Crate trained: Yes 
House trained: Yes 
Obedience trained: No 
Leash trained: Work in progress 

2.22.19 Hello everyone, our handsome friend Rowdy has been neutered and is up to date on his vaccines.  He was a very popular boy at my vets office, and not just because he is one very handsome boy, but because he was such a great patient while at the office.

He is very friendly, but he also needs to gain confidence, both with strangers as well as other dogs.  The first few days, he was very shy with me as well as with my boxer boy and my boston terrier.

However, over the last few days that has changed.  He wants to play with them, run with them and just plain hang out with them.  It's been a great transition to watch, however when a stranger comes to the house, he goes into his low confidence mode and needs a little encouragement to come forward for attention. So I do feel that this boy needs more socialization in his new home, and obedience training is a must, as that will also boost his confidence level.

As for leash walking, that is okay however training will also improve this as again he does need confidence building.  

He's very sweet and sensitive and is a total love bug once he is comfortable with you.

He has been very, very good about being in a crate when I go to work, as well as sleeping in his crate in my bedroom when we all turn in for the night. When I'm away, he's crated next to my boston boy while my own boxer has full run of the house, he does however hang out in the living room with his crate bound buddies.

We do know that he has a keen interest in cats, so I would not recommend a home with cats, and he (being a youngster at heart and head) if a small animal like squirrels and chickens run, he's all about the fun of the chase.  Being as I have a chain link fenced yard, he respects the boundaries of the fence, even with the neighbors chickens running around in their yard, he will run along the fence with great interest, however will make no attempt to jump the fence.

Over all this is one very sweet and happy boy.  

2/19/19-Here is some background info on Rowdy.  He lived with & was good with a male & female boxer & a teenager, but is not good with cats or chickens.  He was surrendered due to divorce & his owner is losing home & could only take 2 dogs.  She kept the older and more difficult dog & said Rowdy is such a lovable & good boy so will do best being rehomed. His owner said Rowdy will get into things if not crated when no one is home. More updates soon from his foster home.


2/17/19 Rowdy has arrived to his foster home as an owner surrender, and is just settling in. He is a very handsome boy, and we will be getting to know him better over the next few days, so be sure to check back and read his updates.