Beabull (English Bulldog/Beagle Mix)

STATE: Western NY

AGE: 1 year

DOB: Unknown

WEIGHT: 40 lbs






CHILDREN under 4: No (No History)

CHILDREN OVER 4: ok 10 and up


OTHER DOGS: Yes, with calmer dogs

CATS: Unknown




LEASH TRAINED: Dragging long leash is no problem, not a runner or chaser of squirrels



08/14/2020 In one week this girl has made big strides towards relaxing in her new environment. We’ve discovered that she LOVES squeaky toys almost more than treats! She still doesn’t favor stairs, but I think that will come with time. Her personality is so gentle. She’s learned to sit and is getting to know her name a little better. She’s very comfortable in her crate. Last night she did whine at about 5am so I took her outside where she had a pee and then went straight back to bed. She loves being outside, isn’t a huge fan of grass and when her feet are wet after walking in the morning dew she cleans them off when we go back inside. Her sleep position has opened up from being curled up to stretching out and she’s leaning to “stretch” in the mornings when she gets up. She sleeps a lot and has a bit of a stubborn streak when she doesn’t want to go down the stairs to go outside. She’s eating twice a day and has a good appetite. I cannot stress how chill that she is. Just a lovely temperament. She’s had short greetings with other dogs without issue, although her tolerance for a higher strung dog or a puppy has signs of being limited. For as far as she’s come in this short while, she will need inside supervision to keep up the potty training but I’m confident that she’ll make quick progress on that as well with consistent guidance.


08/08/2020 - This sweet girl is settling in just fine and getting to experience all the firsts. First set of stairs, grass, carpet, dog bed, and really really good treats! She’s very affectionate. Our first night was a breeze. She slept in a large crate with a comfy dog bed and slept mostly through the night. We don’t know what her bark is like because she hasn’t barked yet. She’s shown no signs of aggression and is very food motivated. She’s incredibly chill and seems to love napping inside and outside. We’ll be working on teaching her how to play because she just doesn’t know how yet.


8/7/20-Sadie came into rescue today.  She is a 1 year old Beabull (English bulldog/beagle mix) from a puppy mill.  She probably was not producing any puppies so they didn’t want her anymore. Lucky for her she will now be able to have a great life without being a puppy factory! Updates soon from her foster home.