State:   NH
Age:     1 1/2
DOB:   Unknown
Weight: 51.6
Sex:     Male
Color:   Brindle
Neut/UPD:  Yes/Yes
Docked Tail:  No
Cropped Ears:  No
Children over 4:  Yes
Children under 4: No (no history)
Other dogs:  Yes
Cats:   No (no history)
separation Anxiety: No
leash trained:  No
crate trained:  Yes
house trained: Yes
obedience trained: somewhat
microchipped:  yes
Adoption Fee $375

 2/19/17  Skully has been with us for 2 weeks now and he has made great strides in his behavior.  He understands commands, but because of his young age, he can only hold them for a short time. He will be a work in progress until he gets a little older. He just seems to get better by the day. He is a very happy boy. Adding coconut oil to his food has taken care of his flaky skin.
He is easily redirected to his toys when he gets excited and seems to be
able to calm himself down. He does like to jump on us, but that is getting
better too. A little TLC with Skully goes a long way! He loves and needs his playtime out in the yard with his tennis balls. Leash training is next as long as the streets stay clear.

2/15/17 – Here is a little more info on Skully.  He is a boxer mix
that was picked up as a stray a few weeks ago by an Animal Control
Officer and no one claimed him.  She said he has a very friendly,
sweet disposition.  The workers at the shelter he was taken to and
stayed a few weeks said he was scared and quiet in his kennel and
spent as much time outside as he could. Said he never barked, and
never engaged with the other dogs through the kennels and kept to
himself while he was kenneled. Outside of the kennel he was a very
energetic, sweet, and loving pup who loves people and was not bothered
by other dogs. He is very treat and food motivated which will help him
improve on all the basic commands he already seems to know! They said
his tail never stops wagging and he was constantly on the move which
made it hard to get good pictures.

2/4/2017 Skully just arrived today. He is a very happy good boy, but needs to settle in. We already know he loves to fetch his tennis ball and actually brings it right back and drops it so you can throw it again. He has had some training.
I gave him a bath and he stood still the whole time. He was very good.
He gets excited and calms down pretty well.  More on Skully as we get to know him.