State: CT
Age: 8 months 
DOB: 7/25/18
Weight: 45-50 lbs
Sex: Female 
Spayed/UTD: Yes/yes
Color: Fawn 
Docked tail: Yes 
Cropped Ears: No 
Children under 4: No (too rough)
Children over 4: Yes 
Separation anxiety: Unknown 
Other dogs: Yes 
Cats: no (no history) 
Crate trained: Yes 
House Trained: Yes 
Leash trained: Somewhat
ADOPTION FEE:  $550.00

**Because I am a baby I need a home with someone home more often (ex:work at home, retired, work opposite shifts, stay at home parent, etc)**

4/18/19 Miss Sofia has been with us for a few days now and she is a beautiful girl. She is your typical young girl that would do best in a home with another young boxer to play with, help her expel her energy and someone who has the time and energy to put into her training.  She will still grab your hands in play, as well as jump on you which is why we have said NO  to young children. She's a good 45 to 50 lbs but has a puppy brain at only 8 months old. 

Sofia also loves toys, and we are working on the concept of sharing them. Something totally new for her as she is typical of an (only child) that thinks all toys are hers alone .  A good quality trainer will also help with this learning process, as always she's young and still has puppy brain, and needs patience and confidence and consistency in her life.
She'll be worth the effort.

4/14/19-Welcome young Sofia to rescue. Sofia came in today from a very loving home who chose sending her into rescue when her owner was faced with a serious illness and could no longer care for her.  Sofia is a sweet, energetic spayed female who grew up with a fenced yard.  she is a happy girl meeting up with foster Frankie and the resident boxer boy and resident Boston Terrier. 3 playmates was to her liking instantly, as she spent the better part of 3 hrs running and chasing everyone around the yard. Please check back in as we all get to know her better. She's a sweetheart.