State: CT

Age: 3

DOB: unsure

Weight: 40

Sex: Female

Neut/UTD: Yes/Yes

Coat Color: Brindle/white markings

Docked tail: Yes

Cropped Ears: No

Children under 4: No (no history)

Children over 4: Yes

Seperation Anxiety: No

Other dogs: Best as only dog

Cats: No

Crate trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Obedience Trained: No

Micro-Chipped: Unknown



My little Miss Sophie has showed her impish side this week, and has actually started playing with toys.  She loves teasing my Boston Terrier with them, and they have actually played tug-o-war with them.  Up until now, she has not shown much interest in toys besides a sniff or two, but that was all.  This week, she has actually played with them by herself and has also included my Boston boy who is her age and energy level, in playing with the toy.  She has also one day decided that raiding the dirty laundry basket might be a lot of fun.....I'm now working on convincing her that the laundry basket is mine alone, and I'm not sharing the dirty laundry until she learns how to use the washing machine.....I think I'll have a long wait on that chore.

Anyway, Sophie is now starting to gain a little weight, but we do want her to keep her trim figure,  a few more pounds won't hurt, and she does love her food.  She's also a doll baby when taking treats from your fingers.  She's very gentle when it comes to happily accepting those favorite Merrow Bone cookies.  Especially when you put them in her crate when it's time for work or bedtime.  She hops right into her crate every time I ask her to, and is thrilled to find that she has her favorite treats. Occasionally I'll give her a frozen peanut  butter bone when I go to work, and she loves them. 

As great as Sophie is with my dogs, she hasn't proven herself to be reliable with other dogs in other homes, so again at this time, we feel that Sophie would do best in an only dog home.  She is very good on leash when walking and see's other dogs, as well as when she was kenneled for 6 days.  We will continue to keep you all updated on how she is doing as well as her progress with toys.

5/21/19-It's unfortunate that Miss Sophie has been returned to rescue after being in her adoptive home for a few days. There was a fight between dogs, and Sophie being the newest member of the family was sent back to her foster home.  And although Sophie has no problems or issues with my dogs, she would do best as an only dog home.  Upon return to rescue, it was almost 24 hours before she had access to my dogs, and fortunately for me, she has been absolutely trustworthy, however, she is never alone with my own dogs.  She continues to be friendly and outgoing with everyone she has meet, and is really good when walking on leash in the neighborhood.

I was away for a few days, and Sophie did spend that time in a kennel situation, and all at the kennel said she was a doll.  Dogs walking by her kennel she showed no aggression what so ever.  When I have had her at the vets office, again other dogs around, no difficulty at all remaining calm, and quiet with other animals in the waiting room, waiting their turns to see the vets.  So with that said, again, because she has shown aggression with dogs in other homes, we have decided that she remain an only dog.  As such, she should.....absolutely should be crated when left alone as she feels secure and safe in her crate.  It is recommended that you invest in a high quality crate and use it.  Sophie as well as my Boston are crated everytime  I leave the house, but she is rarely crated when I'm home as she again does well with my dogs and fenced yard.So please, check back soon to hear how Sophie is doing and loving life.

4/27/19-Sophie was adopted again!

4/18/19-Sadly after only having Sophie a few days she was brought back to her foster home to find another home. It was no fault of Sophie’s, just they determined they were really not ready for another dog. More updates soon from her foster home.

4/13/19-Sophie was adopted.


Sweet Miss Sofie arrived yesterday all sweetness and wiggles.  She did get to explore the yard for a little while, as she was curious about all the new smells of new dogs, and a much needed stretch of her legs.  She has been a very nice guest so far, and we will give you all a lot more information as we get to know her better. I will say that her transporters had nothing but great things to say about her, so apparently she travels well.

I can say that intro's with the resident dogs went very well, and she ate a very good dinner last night and breakfast this morning, so these changes have definitely not affected her appetite.

3/24/19-Here is some background info on Sophie. She is an owner surrender to a small shelter which said she is sweet and all she wants is a little love and attention.  She is great all people and kids over 4 and lived with and good with other dogs. She is not good with cats or farm animals which is why they got rid of her.