State: ME
Age 9 years
DOB Aug. 8, 2008
Weight 88 lbs
sex F
color  Classic Brindle
Neut Y
Docked tail  Y
cropped ears N
children over 4  Y
children under 4 Y
other dogs Y
cats Y
separation anxiety  Some
leash trained Y
house trained Y
obedience trained  Y
microchipped ?
adoption fee:  $100

09/11/2017 - I think Sundae is the perfect guest.  While I crate the younger dogs when I leave, she and Rose take care of the guard duties. While I was out a few days ago, they both took the "good" bones upstairs to gnaw on. They get along very well.  Sundae now sleeps upstairs on the other dog bed in my room.I am continuing her diet, but have added back a small amount of kibble. She is slowly getting down towards 80 lbs. but I haven't taken her in to be weighed this week.  Maybe next.  She also enjoys a bit of yogurt on her breakfast kibble and I've been giving her some Nupro supplement in
her supper. She sometimes lounges on the couch in the family room, but doesn't tolerate the younger set joining her, so she leaves.  She is not too comfortable with Peter trying to hang out with her. Puppies are not her thing.  She will walk away.  Not a mean bone in her body as she doesn't snap at him or anything.  She also does not care for the vacuum cleaner and will go outside.  Lovely girl

09/01/2017 - Diet and exercise do work.  Sunday is down from the 88 lbs.
of the 18th. to 85.6 today.  Still a big girl, but no longer being
overfed and underexerised.  Lots of new energy showing and she doesn't
seem to mind a bitl

8/24/2017 - Sundae has a lovely deep bark which she uses occasionally. 
After coming in from her initial outing this morning, she barked at me
and I took the dogs back outside to see what would happen.  She wanted
to play, and play they did.  You would never know she was 9 y. o. by the
way she chased my young boy around and around the yard.  Full out run,
play tag mode for about 10 minutes.  In the short time she has been here
she is losing weight and gaining energy!  She is also becoming a little
less dependent, but still keeps an eye on everything and wants to be loved.

8/21/17- Sundae has had her Bordatella/kennel cough vaccine and got weighed:  now 88 lbs.  A loss of 4 lbs. since she was last weighed before she came here.  She finally conquered the dog door a short time agoShe was very afraid of the dog door, but if the others can, so can she. She is a slow eater and only gets just what I give her and no free feeding.  Very good on leash and in the truck

8/19/17- Sundae arrived this am and I sent her directly into the dog yard so that
she could sniff, empty if need be and look around. She is an owner surrender as her owner moved out of state and couldn't take her. She has lived with cats, dogs, with someone home all day that ran a child daycare out of the home and she was great with everything. A family member took her in but they were gone long days due to work and Sundae never adjusted, even after several months, to being alone even with just another dog. They saw her unhappy, always panting, pacing and anxious so they did the hardest but best thing for her by having her come to rescue to find a home with someone home more often. 

She has met my whole crew of dogs and doesn't seem to mind.  Naturally everyone
had to sniff and check her out.  She is a big boned girl and carries her
weight fairly well.  I suspect she could lose a few pounds and maybe get
her down to about 85.  She still has her dew claws, which I am seeing
more of these days.  She is currently relaxing in the big crate with the
soft pad, but may not need to be crated at all.  It won't be long before
she will be using the dog door on her own.  I've already had her come in
through twice and out once.

She has not yet met the cats, but it is reported that she is friendly to

I will try to get some pictures a bit later.  More as we get acquainted
with this lovely girl.  She certainly doesn't look like 9! "Only her hairdresser knows for sure".