State. CT
Age. 23 months
DOB. 8/11/15
Weight. 60
Sex. Male
Neutered. Yes
Coat color. Fawn/Flashy
Docked tail. Yes
Cropped ears. No
Children under 4. No
Children over 4: teens and up

Separation anxiety. No
Other dogs. No
Cats. No
Crate trained. Yes
House trained. Yes
Leash trained.  No
Obedience trained. No
Adoption fee. $375


7/31/17-So we've given Tanker some time to adjust to his new medication and household and all I can say is wow!!!  He's playing fetch with a huge ball with my 9 year old boy 2-3 times a day....mostly because my son is having a blast with him.  He does know his sit command and still working on stay as well as give commands. Although he does "give" his toy to me fairly quickly.  His tendency to dominate my females has dwindled. It seems every morning he has to "test" them for a couple minutes to make sure they're still in charge.  After those few minutes, they get along beautifully the rest of the day.  I'd still want to see him with kids older than 7/8, as long as they were boxer savvy. He has accidentally bumped my 3 year old over a couple times purely by accident.  It was gentle enough that my 3 year old was laughing the whole time.  LOL.  He's such a handsome beautiful dog.  He's received numerous compliments from people's he's met.  He's such a people person dog. Very sociable that way. He's eating well and has probably put on a pound or two, which he needed.  Only complaint my husband has is that he keeps trying to take over his recliner.  Oops.  LOL

7/15/17-So adorable rambunctious Tanker has been with our family for just about a week.  He is your typical playful boxer for his young age, except better.  He actually plays with himself by dropping a ball from the top of the stairs and then chasing after it.  When you throw balls for him, he returns them right back to you.  My nine year old son has been having a blast in the backyard with him throwing soccer balls and any other balls and Tanker chasing them.  The laughter from my son and the boxer smile tell me they're having a good time. He is pretty good with the "Give" or "leave it" command as well.  Being that he is still a puppy, he can be overwhelming to my almost 3 year old son. He likes to play tug of war with us adults as well. He does prefer the metal crate and is fabulous at going right in the crate when we bring him there. We are still working on getting him to tone down his approach with other dogs. He is overzealous about meeting another dog and just jumps right at them to play.  He is still having trouble recognizing signs from other dogs to back off a bit.  Tanker is not being aggressive during these times. He has not shown any food aggression and will let any of us take a bone or toy away from him. Because of some of the feedback we had received from his history, we are trialing him on a small dose of medication to help his behavior with other dogs. Tanker takes his med without any difficulty. He does know his "sit" command and were working on the "wait" command.  He's a quick learner though and I'm sure he will master it in no time. We have gone on a couple walks and he's not too bad on a leash. He was pretty comical and making me laugh on our 2 mile walk, he was startled and scared of a sewer drain ( I don't know if he had ever seen one) and jumped back when a feather drifted towards him. Ha Ha.  So if you're looking for a playful pup that you'd like to take on walks that is potty and crate trained, he's your boy.

7/5/17 - After a week, Tanker's new home felt he was too active and dominant for their family to handle so he is sadly looking for another home again.  He will need someone who is willing to get him into training right away and that will keep him busy to burn off his high energy.  He also needs a firm confident leader that will not let him get away with trying to be the alpha in the house.  A gentle leader collar to control him when walking and a squirt bottle in the house to stop his habit of humping things.  He loves to ride in the car and is a sweet boy that just has been bounced around a lot in the past 2 months. Tanker just needs a stable home without young children or other pets that is willing to work with him. 

6/25/17- Tanker was adopted.

06/13/2017 - Tanker is a beautiful boy, with loads of energy. He is
very "toy driven" and will play by himself for hours with a number of
toys to keep him busy. He "talks" to the toys and make quite a bit of
conversation with them. He uses the dog door without problem and takes
himself out to "potty" when the need arises. He is a bit of a messy
eater, but some dogs are. He does clean up after himself. He sleeps
all night in the crate, and is quiet. He seems to prefer the wire crate
vs. the plastic vari-kennel type. He should do well with obedience
training and a job.
Tanker arrived a few days ago into foster care. It has taken him several days to begin to adjust to his foster home. He is having some difficulty learning boundaries with the resident boxer, but is much more relaxed when he is on his own, both in and out of the house. For this reason he should be the only dog in the house. He loves to play with balls, and even needs one in his kennel. He prances around like a thoroughbred horse when he is happy.

Tanker is extraordinarily curious about everything, and gets excited easily (especially around other dogs) like a puppy would be - except he's 60 pounds, and not really a puppy anymore! He is also very sight and sound driven, and needs to be kept on a leash or in a fenced in area. He knows a few commands, but will need some really good obedience training so he can learn and remember where his place is.

Tanker is a healthy, happy, handsome boy, completely up to date on all his vaccinations, including bordatella. He will be a very loyal dog in his forever home.