State: CT
Age:  16 Months
DOB: 05/07/2016
Weight: 55 lbs.
sex: M.
color: Brindle
Neut: Y
Docked tail: Y
cropped ears: N
children over 4 10 Years and up
children under: No 
other dogs:  Medium/Large dogs only (needs another dog)
cats:  No
separation anxiety: No
leash trained:  somewhat
house trained: Y
obedience trained: N
microchipped: Y
adoption fee: $375


9/4/17 – Unfortunately Thor is back today looking for his new home.  His new family was out for a few hours and they left Thor loose in the house with their other dog and cats.  Very tragically they came home to one of their cats killed by Thor.   Though he had been good with many cats in one of his foster homes and his prior adopted home, he will now need a home without cats or small dogs.  They said he is not a bad dog just a very sad event and he is a great boy otherwise and they loved him already. More updates soon from his new foster home.


8/21/17 – Thor was adopted.

8/6/17- Unfortunately Thor is back with rescue looking for another
home.  About a week ago he was turned over to a local shelter as his
owner was in hospice care and could no longer care for him.  The
shelter contacted us to get him back to our rescue.  He is a great boy
ready for his new home!

6/19/17- Thor is doing well in his new home.  Every other day I take
him to a 70 acre field and just let him run his heart out, we bring
toys and balls-he loves it, and it gets rid of some of that energy.  I
think he has put on some weight even though its been only a week.  My
vet told me to get some beef tallow and put a scoop in one of his
feedings. Lastly, he is one of the most loving dog and very smart!

6/10/17 - Thor was adopted!

05/30/2017 - Thor will be ok with a "dog-savvy" cat, but not one that is
shy. He is very much a love-bug and gets along well with my dogs. I do feed
all dogs separately, so I don't know if he is food aggressive.
Certainly not with me. Other dogs, I don't know. He has adapted well
to our routines here and I think he will adapt quickly to a new home.
Being so young, he is always crated at night and when I'm gone. He is
beginning to go into the crate willingly, because he knows a treat is
the reward. Nice dog!

5/25/2017 Thor is finally doing fairly well. My boy has dragged him around by the
leash and now he is willing for me to take the leash. He still pulls a
bit, but not nearly so bad and walks much better on leash now. Not
perfect at all, but reasonable.

He is beginning to understand the word "NO" and I have had to reinforce
it a bit with "Mr. Spritzer" bottle. It gets his attention. He comes
when called, because my dogs do. He is just following their lead. He
is settling down.

Aside: I don't holler at dogs because I think they think it is just so
much more barking, but in our language. I speak in a normal voice and
get a better response. I also use mostly hand signals, because they
respond quicker. Human is a foreign language to to them.

05/23/2017 - Thor is not leash trained and pulls. A "no-pull" harness
will be useful for him, which I do not have. However, when I stop, he
stops and will sit willingly. I believe he is thin because of his high
energy level. He loves to chase a ball, and play with my dogs. He is a
smart boy and will benefit greatly from obedience training. He is also
very much a "love bug".

 05/20/2017- Thor has arrived and he is one tall, flashy, brindle boy,
and I think with a bit of food will become a big boy.

He has had a lunch, because he is thin and was getting 3 meals at the
shelter, where he wasn't doing particularly well. He is recently
neutered and not yet properly healed so he will be leading a quiet life
for a few days to a week. He is not too happy being crated, but he is
crate trained. He would rather be out with my dogs and has barked to
let me know.

Thor is HW neg. but is being treated for Anaplasmosis as well as Lyme.
More later as we get to know this handsome boy.