State: CT

Age: 4 years

Sex: Female

Spayed: Yes

UPD: Yes

Color: Brown/black and white

Children under 4: no (no history) 

Children over 4: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Other Dogs: Yes

House broken: NO, work in progress

Crate trained: Yes, but can be vocal

Leash trained: NO

Obedience trained: NO

Micro chipped: Yes



3/20/20  It has been 3 weeks since we separated Pippin and Trinket in foster care.  We did this because Trinket was so dependent on Pippin, that she just was not "coming out of her shell", as we term in. 

However, this was the best decision we could have made on her she has become much stronger and is very gradually coming out of her shell. 

She has really changed a great deal in my home, as she gets so excited when I get home from work, that she bounces up and down in her crate and chirps like a bird in her excitement.  When I let her out she races around and jumps on the back of my legs wanting attention, until I reach down to pet her, she does scoot away still, avoiding touch, but the excitement is there, and that is the positive note.  She also gets all excited when it's breakfast and dinner time.  She bounces up and down in the kitchen when she sees me pick up her dish and head to the living room where her crate is.  I open the crate and she jumps in and spins around until I put her food in.  Then she stands there and waits for me to leave before she will start to eat.  Apparently I still need to be out of sight before she will eat.  When she's finished, she bounces again with her little chirpy bark until I let her out.  It's the funniest thing to watch, as she has made it abundantly clear she likes me, however, she is still very untrusting when it comes to physically handling her.

When she is done, I let them all outside into the fenced yard for potty time, and she will run like a little football on legs, it's the funniest thing to watch, and she definitely makes me laugh.  She does have this little habit of running up behind me and jumping up on my back legs, and when I reach down she bumps my hand with her nose then runs away.  This we do multiple times a day just to keep her engaged with me, and it's the only time she really does engage.  She is very relaxed with the dogs, it's humans that need to win her trust....patience, consistency are the keys to accomplishing this, but it will happen.

Trinket now also goes upstairs by herself at bedtime, this took 5 weeks to get her to do this, and only happened because she was following my dogs.  This is big progress for Trinket because she had kept her crate clean and dry at night, and because I have worked so hard with socializing her, I decided to add the extra step of coming upstairs at night to go to bed uncrated.....she does excellent.  Three  nights in a row, she actually jumped up on the bed following my boston, so I let stay on the bed all night.  Unfortunately, she stopped doing it,the jumping up on the bed... I don't know why, but Trinket has her little quirks, and just needs to build her confidence up again to do this.

The best part is, her perky little personality is coming thru more every day.  She is a sweet little girl, and will make someone a very special companion.

3/7/20  What a complete change in Miss Trinket over the last week.  We made a decision to separate both Pippin and Trinket, as Trinket just wasn't coming out of her shell after 3 weeks with me, and was so reliant on Pippin, she just didn't make any progress being in a foster situation vs. puppy mill.....

Well, without Pippin to rely on, this girl has made great strides.  She follows me around, bounces up and down in her crate when I come home from work, and although still shy about being petted or picked up, she definitely is happy to see me, and wants to be around me now.  Trinket is now also eating, and let me tell you, after three weeks on barely eating a whole cup over that time, she is eating like a champ.  Despite my best efforts though, Trinket will only eat in her crate.  The good part is, when I fixer her breakfast and dinner, as soon as I pick up her dish, she bounces and snuffles and runs to her crate, to again bounce up and down until I get there with her food.  I open the crate door and she jumps in and waits patiently for her bowl of food. 

As for potty training, yeahhhhh, she's doing awesome.  She has only had an accident in her crate 2 times this week.  When I'm home, there are no accidents at all, and she is not crated while I'm home, only when I go to work.  She now runs up and down the deck stairs into the fenced yard, and she loves being loose in the yard with my dogs.  Hopefully we will have a chance to do a little leash training this week, as wearing a harness and being on a leash is still very new to her, and with time and patience this will change, however her new forever home will be doing most of this type work with her.

Trinket will definitely do better in at least 1 other dog in the home, a confident, relaxed dog, or multiple dogs that are not overpowering.  This really helps her realize, all strange noise are really okay, and nothing to worry about.

Again, I'm so happy to see all the positive changes in this girl over the last week. 

So please check back soon, to hear about Trinket's adventures in life out of the puppy mill.

2/25/20- My little Miss Trinket is such a good girl, as her potty training is really going great, she almost never soils in her crate now, but is still a very, very shy and nervous girl, something we have consistently seen with the puppy mill mamma's.  She is very sweet, but will still run from me when I go to pick her up to cuddle, as does her fellow foster Pippin.  It is definitely taking Trinket longer to relax and come out of her shell.  But she wants to, she's just afraid to....everything right now is so new, so scary, so unlike what she has known for 4 years being a puppy producer only. She doesn't even wag her tail yet, but she did show a peek into her personality the night I was watching the "Rescue Dog Show" and you can see the short video of when she perked up and was actually watching the TV and acknowledge the dogs in the "best snoring" and "the best talking" divisions.  She had me laughing, as I've never seen a dog watch TV like she did that night.

I'm also still having a little trouble getting Trinket to eat, as she's very nervous if I'm in the kitchen and feeding everyone.  She will go right to her spot to eat, but is still very skittish  and nervous about eating.  I do keep all the dogs separated for feeding, as I don't believe any dog should have to defend their food from another dog, but she just doesn't trust yet, so far, I've found, that she does best when I'm out of her line of vision.....I'm still scary to her. 

But despite all that she needs to overcome, she is a really sweet girl, who again would do best with another dog or dogs in the home.  Stable, gentle dogs. So keep checking back to hear and watch Trinket's progress from mill mamma, to loving pet.

2/11/20-Trinket has arrived, and what a really sweet girl she is.  She came from one of our favorite shelters, and she is a little beauty.  It's very hard to describe her color, as she is black, with brown highlights, and classic white boston markings.  She is very shy, was basically used as a breeding girl, and as a result, has no socialization skills at all with people.


But, she wants so badly to have human touch, that she is gradually becoming a little more relaxed with me every day. Trinket does not respond to her name yet, as she was never really someones pet.   She does get along great with dogs, and she is getting more relaxed with me.


Please check back soon, as we learn more about her personality.