Dog’s Name:   Tyson
Date of arrival: 10/22/16
State: NH
Age: 5 years
Dob (if known)    5/8/11
weight:   61 lbs 
sex:   Male
color:   Fawn w/Flash
Neut/upd:  yes/yes
docked tail:  Yes
cropped ears:  No
children over 4: Yes
children under 4: No (no history)
Other dogs:  Best as only dog
cats:   no
separation anxiety: No
leash trained:  Yes
Crate trained:  Yes
house trained:  Yes
obedience trained: No
microchipped:  unknown
Adoption Fee:  $375.00

12/26/16-Tyson has been here in his new foster home for a week now.
We just love him! He is a very easy dog, always willing to please.
When someone comes in the house, he wiggles himself right over
to check them out and leans right in for a good butt scratch!
He loves to run laps around the backyard and has found a toy
which took him a while to get out of the ice, but he did it!.
His crate is his home. He likes to be with us in the living room, but 
sometimes I find him back in his crate, where he seems to be
quite comfortable. If I am working in the kitchen, he comes in
and lays in his crate while I cook. His food allergy seems to be
under control with the food change and his ears are fine.
He is a great boy and needs a forever home. Don't miss this
opportunity, he is a beautiful dog.

 12/17/16- Tyson is now at his new foster home where he can be an only dog. He is checking out everything and ran a bunch of laps thru the snow in the  back yard. He's a little nervous right now, but is leaning in for all the attention he can get. He is a handsome boy. I'm looking forward to playing with him tomorrow when I get home from work.

12/10/16- Tyson is still looking for the right home.  Unfortunately he has shown though he usually is ok with other dogs, some he is not ok with. For this reason he would be best as an only dog in his new home and needs a home without other dogs.  His foster home says he is a great boy otherwise and loves people.

10/27/16-Tyson's neuter went well today.  He is home sleeping off the meds.  Seven day recovery period, leash walks only, no running, no jumping on the furniture (which he doesn't do anyway).  Started him on grain free food to see if that will aid in the skin condition and have drops for his ears.  Should have him in tip-top shape soon!

10/26/16 HI, Tyson here.  I am at my foster home waiting to be adopted into my forever home.  I am tall, fawn, and handsome.  I am mannerly, but I do enjoy a rough and tumble boxer playtime now and again.  Though I get along well with other dogs, I have not been “cat tested” yet.   Foster Mom took me to the vet today and I was brought up-to-date on shots and will be neutered tomorrow.    The vet found that I have an ear infection which is being treated with medicine and a skin irritation which may be a food allergy.  Foster Mom is going to buy me a non-allergen food later today.  (she is so good to me).   OH, almost forgot to mention…………...I am a good kisser!  Talk to you again soon.  Tyson