Its How We Roll....

EVERY SINGLE PERSON who works with SCBR is a volunteer. We would be nothing without the hard work of every single person on our list of volunteers from up to Niagara and over to the East Coast of New England. Every SCBR volunteer is committed, in whatever way they can, to the rescue of these dogs. When you're ready to commit some time to helping save our Boxers, we are always ready to welcome a new volunteer to the family!!
We have all kinds of volunteer positions that let you help out with areas you are familiar with and work into things that may be new for you. Certain volunteer needs involve directly with the care and adoption of the dogs like becoming a foster home or signing up for a transport leg. Some jobs don't involve interaction with the dogs but are equally important, like fund raising or checking references for potential adopting families. Some jobs take a certain amount of time per week, some per month, and some need time only when you
have it.
Whatever you choose to do, there is no job that won't leave you fulfilled knowing that you helped a dog make it from a bad situation to a new forever family!