AGE : 17 months
DOB: July 2013
WEIGHT:   63 lbs
SEX. : Male
NEUT/UTD: yes/yes
COAT COLOR: Fawn/white
CHILDREN UNDER 4: no (no history)
LEASH TRAINED: working on

12/30/14 Winston is back with us!  He came back and didn’t miss a beat. This dog NEEDS structure and consistency. He lives a very consistent life here-EVERY day same routine- and so when he came back he settled in very quick. The first few weeks with him in a new home will be hard to get him on a new schedule and settled in, but once he’s settled- Oh boy is he a great guy! He is a 18 month old puppy so the new forever home will need to understand that Winston is still young and will need training, and time to grow and mature.  He has also been through a lot of homes over his small life( 1st home, 2 shelters, 2 foster homes, and now returned) 6 homes in just 18 months!!!  so he is unsure of new places and experiences anxiety.   He will NEED to be crated in his new home- no matter how much he puts up a fit, and he will need a forever family that can EXERCISE him!  A tired dog is a sleepy quiet dog in his crate! He also is a Houdini so he will try to play tricks on you- but don’t tell him he’s pretty easy to outsmart once you get to know him!  He would love to have a playful friend to play with in the home as well.  Since back Winston has been out in our “uncovered” pens for short periods of time- ALWAYS with a fur buddy though- never alone- and he hasn’t tried to climb out! I think this goes to show that he can learn to settled and call a place home if you give him a chance!   He is so darn cute and just melts your heart even when he’s bad!  More info to come on this guy once he’s back with me for a while!!! He is going to make some family a great dog!

10/11/2014 Winston here! Or as my foster mom likes to call me “Win-dini!” Like Houdini she says! That’s cause I’m so magical and always trying death defying acts! I even have magicians white gloves (White paws!) I love sleeping on top of my kennel, and I am really good at climbing and jumping and would love a home where I can do agility or go hiking over big rocks! My foster mom says I am not allowed to climb fences or flip gates anymore and I am working really hard to be a good boy. I did try to run away from the shelters, but like it here much better and haven’t run away!  I  have even spent a few nights in my crate.. All night! It’s tough for me still but I can do it and just need time to figure out new places. I do like it best when I have a friend to hang out with instead of being all alone. I am just a young lad after all- Only 1.5 years old. I really want to find a home that I can call my forever home!  I will need a home that is used to a young boxer, and how sometimes we can get ourselves into trouble!  I love people, dogs, cats and ball! I am working very hard to be a good boy and I am would love to have a home for the holidays!!! Please consider me!

9/1/14 Winston has been with us at his new foster home now just over 24 hours. He is a happy boy and just over a year old. He was born in July of 2013. He is young but smart! He knows sit, down, stay, wait, and come. He doesn’t ALWAYS do the commands but he does know them and just needs some work to make him one heck of a guy! We are working on waiting at doors as he does like to rush through to see what’s going on in the next room. He needs to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the fun! He does have this naughty habit of climbing fences and hurt his foot while he was at the shelter before he got here. We have it all bandaged and its looking good tonight and should be healed in no time!  He is loveable and wants to please you and would do best in a family that could exercise this young boxers body and mind! He would excel in hiking and agility. He rode in a car on the transport here with a little one and was very good with her so as far as we know he’s good with kids. Although he does jump up when excited so we are working on fixing that! I don’t think this boy will be hanging around long so get your applications in on him quick!

8/10/14-Winston is an extremely lovable, smart, and crafty boy. He loves his people  and does not like to alone. He is able to scale a 10' fence which he did on 2 occasions at the shelter, and can open doors that swing out regardless the type of handle! He's so smart, agility may be the way to go with this young and crafty boy!