STATE: Maine
AGE:  about 5 Years

DOB: Unsure
WEIGHT:  60#
SEX:  Female
NEUT/UTD: Yes / Yes

CHILDREN under 4:  No (too rough)



12/18/17-Unfortunately Zayda is coming back to rescue Saturday to find a new home so she is available again for adoption.  We were told by the shelter that her owners had cats and she was good with them.  It turns out that is not the case and Zayda is constantly trying to catch and hurt the cats.  They said otherwise she was settling in and is a love bug that likes to cuddle.  Her new family really loves her and is sad to give her up but they have no choice.  More updates soon from her new foster home after she gets in this weekend. 

11/27/17 - Zayda was adopted! 

11/16/17- Here is some more information on Zayda’s health.  At the shelter she had 5 small bumps aspirated and all revealed mast cells. The were all removed with clean margins but they were not biopsies to be graded. Vet said she is predisposed to mast cell tumors any any further masses should be evaluated as they occur. She also has significant gingival hyperplasia (gum overgrowth) that may require treatment in her new home.

Her foster home says she is a wonderful girl but is too rough for kids under 5.  She also is a runner so she will need either a fenced yard or to always be on a leash or tethered when outside, even if someone is out with her.  She has put on a lot of weight since came into rescue and her cost is nice and shiny too now.  Her foster mom says she is ready for her new home!

11/11/17 Zayda has been with us now for a week. What a people dog she has turned out to be! She loves women, but if a man is present, she forgets about me. She is definitely a man's girl for fun but absolutely listens to the house alpha (me) for rules.

We have had company several times since she arrived and after some initial excitement, she calmed and laid down obediently. She really wants to please and learns best one on one. She knows sit, down and give. I have her sit at feeding time until I am finished setting up. She has been patient with it.

We are working on jumping and mouthing now and since she is such a fast learner, it shouldn't take long.

She does pull a bit on the lead when she smells wildlife. She just wants to protect her loved ones from "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"

She will make a lively and loving addition to any family.


11/2/17- Zayda is about 5 years old and came in today from a great local shelter we work with.  She came to them about a year ago from a Southern shelter and was adopted soon after. In January her new home had a baby that turned out to be allergic to dogs so they found Zayda a new home.  She was recently returned to them (we’re not sure why), so they took her back to the shelter.  Zayda is said to be good with dogs and cats and lived with baby to 6 year old kids and said to love kids.  She came into the shelter very jumpy and active so we will have to evaluate her further to make sure she is not too rough to live with kids under 4.  She did have some mast cell tumors removed at the shelter yesterday. She is very skinny, so we will be feeding her a higher protein food and extra meals and taking a fecal to our vet to see if she has any parasites.  More  updates soon from her foster home.