STATE: New York City Area

AGE: 4 y/o

DOB: Unknown

WEIGHT: 40ibs


NEUT/UTD: YES (08/04/2020)




CHILDREN under 4: Yes




CATS: Unknown





MICROCHIPPED: Yes (# 0A02184279)


8/23/2020 – My foster mom took me for what she called a car ride today!  Once the car started to move, I settled down and went into dream world. After a while, the car stopped and I was able to get out and stretch my legs. As I was looking around, a door opened and out came these people that looked like my foster mom but they were much smaller, in fact they were closer to my size. They ran up to me, giving me hugs and belly rubs and I just melted.  There was one that was real little and she even stuck her hands in my mouth. I guess she wanted to see if I had teeth like her.  Through all of it, I just took it all in.  Foster mom was extremely happy with how I was behaving, she brought cookies with her and I was very good when the girls gave me them to eat. Foster mom said we had to go back home and I really wanted to stay and get more loving but I knew I had to get home to my foster brother.  I thought at first I would be staying and that it would be my new home but foster mom said she needed to make sure I was good with children. I passed the test, now I know there’s a home out there for me!  I’m here, please come get me

08/22/2020- Ziva met her foster mom's relative's kids from 1-8 years old and she did great with all.  She feels that Ziva would be great in a home with kids.  

08/19/2020 – I don’t understand what my foster mom means when she says at times I’m like a bull in a china closet.  There is so much to see in this new life of mine, that I just dive into things head first.  Foster mom says I must have a hard head.  Life here is pretty good, but I’m looking for a home I can call my own. I can be a little persistent when I want to get some loving, do you blame me? I was a mill momma and really didn’t know how it felt to be cuddled and loved!  I melt while I’m getting neck rubs and these things called belly rubs.  Oh wait, I was told that I’m a smart girl!  My foster brother rings these bells hanging from the side door when he wants to go outside.  The other day, I went to the door and rang the bells, because I needed to go out.  I got such praise for doing that!  I still sleep in my crate at night and go in with no problem. I’m still eating in my crate, foster mom is trying to get me to eat in another spot, but I feel safe there and will run to my crate while she’s bringing the food.  She keeps telling me that I don’t have to worry, no one will steal my food and one day, I’ll be eating outside of the crate.  Maybe I’ll get my new home soon and we can work on that!  

08/13/2020 - Ziva has been with us for 4 days now and her personality is starting to come out. She plays with her 1 year old foster brother and will give him a run for his money. She can go full speed but then she'll crash and need to rest. She had a bath outside last night and wasn’t too happy about it. She responds to her name and knows the words, come, inside and eat! She's such a smart momma and will make an awesome pet once she finds her forever home!

8/10/2020 - Ziva arrived here yesterday afternoon. Thanks to all who helped with her transport and helped get her to her foster home. Although Ziva had a very hectic last few days and for being a puppy mill mom, she came and settled quickly. When she first arrived, she explored the yard and made her mark all over and drank lots of water. When she met her 2 foster brothers, she was a little cautious but then in no time she was right at home. She didn’t eat that well but it’s expected the first couple of days and she’s on antibiotic for a UTI.


She settled in her crate and crashed without any coaxing last night and had a great night sleep. Being well rested, she started playing with one of her foster brothers. She didn’t eat much breakfast but in time that will pass. She does love her cookies though!  

08/07/20  Ziva came into rescue today.  She is a 4 year old Beabull (English Bulldog/Beagle Mix) from a puppy mill.