State: Maine
Age: 6 years
DOB: 4/28/2011
Weight: 59 lbs
Neut/UTD: Yes/yes
Coat Color: Reverse brindle
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Separation Anxiety: No
Children under 4: yes
Children over 4: yes
Other dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Crate trained: working on it
House-trained: Yes
Obedience trained: No
Leash trained: Yes
Adoption fee: $375
10/10/17 - Zoey is going great at her foster home and is finally ready for her new home.  She has met kids over and under 4 and was great with all of them and is also wonderful with the other dog and cats in her foster home. She does have several medical needs that whoever adopts her needs to be aware of.  She was having peeing accidents which she was tested for and did not have a urinary tract infection, but she has a leaky bladder.  The vet wanted to try Incurin first, but that was not working so she is on Proin twice a day which is about $30/month.  She also has some allergies that cause her to sometimes sneeze, have runny nose and her chin gets red and she at times chews her feet.  For this we have her on Zyrtec twice a day, which is bought over the counter in stores.. To help with the allergies we do have her on a grain free and chicken free, limited ingredient food (currently Nutro Limited Ingredient).  Zoey's teeth are also worn down to her gums, except for her canines, but the vet says her gums are healthy.  She just needs her dry food to have a little canned food and water added and her chewable proin pills crushed into it to make it easy to eat.  There was also a report in her vet paperwork that she may have a heart murmur but our vet didn't detect one and said it often is just stress when a dog is at the vet so the heart can sound off a little. Lastly she has a lot of lumps and bumps but the owners' and our vet said they are benign.  So even though she has some minor issues, she is a sweet heart and love bug and will "talk" to you when she wants attention.  Don't miss out on this great gal! 

9/18/17-Good afternoon, Zoey is settling in well here at her foster
home and has become fast friends with my dog. Hasn't given the indoor
cats a second thought. She is an absolute love bug and a sweetheart.
She has been drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot- she did have an
accident in my bed last night which I'm keeping an eye on. Other then
that things are going well, she has investigated the whole house and
yard and has made herself at home. lol

9/17/17- Zoey is an owner surrender to a great local shelter we work
with.  Her owners couldn’t care for her any more, she was originally
their daughters dog. They said she is crate trained, house trained,
has lived with kids from infants to teens and did very well with them.
She has also lived with cats and dogs and has done well with them as
well.  She loves attention from every one she meets.

Zoey was a great passenger on the transport today from the shelter to
her foster home. She hopped in the back and never heard a peep out of
her.  When we were at the shelter and standing out front, another dog
came out and they gave each other goodbye kisses. It was so cute! She
is a good girl and will get a great forever home.