State: Western NY
Age:  1.5-2 years
DOB: Summer/fall 2016
Weight:  61#
Sex:  female
Color:  Fawn
Neut/upd:  Yes/yes
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  No(no history)
Children over 4: yes
Other Dogs: No
Cats:  No
Separation Anxiety: No
Leash trained: No
crate trained:  Yes
house trained:  Yes
obedience trained: Knows basics
Adoption Fee $375

6/17/18- Now that Zoey has seen how great attention and love can be, she is showing jealousy with the other dogs on the house. She either snaps or gives the evil eye if she is being petted and they come too close. A couple times it came to fighting with her instigating it so we have determined she will need to be the only dog in her new house. 

She loves people and would be fine with kids over 4 as she shows no issues with people and is just a submissive sweetie.  She does have a nice big deep bark though for door warnings and the critters or strangers wandering by the yard, so if looking for a good home alarm she will take that job!  Don’t miss out on this sweet girl who so deserves the love and attention she missed so far in her life. 

6/13/18-It has taken me over a week to get a good evaluation on Zoey and she has come a longggggg way from her first day here.  As an only dog she is playful, good natured, VERY smart, listens well, is the Queen of playing fetch and just a beautiful dog.  After being surrendered and spending weeks in a shelter kennel, she was an emotional/hypersensitive train wreck.  Initial meeting with my two very social boxers did not go well and she spent 4 days being separated from them. If my dogs were loose and she was crated, she would would lunge at the door of the crate with such force as to move it across the floor.  I resorted to putting a blanket across the front of her crate to decrease the tension and eye contact. If my two were crated and she was loose, Zoey would walk around their crate investigating them and making attempts at play bowing. (Go figure that out) Needless to say her signals were very mixed and confusing to everybody here. At the sixth day mark, she got loose, joined my two dogs in the back yard and it like the 3 of them had been raised together. She and Bo were running, chasing each other, and boxer playing like it was the normal thing to do. Since then everybody and everything has been easy going. Zoey is a beautiful dog, fantastic personality, very eager to please and takes direction and correction very well. As an only dog, I would absolutely give her my 5 star rating and she would be a joy to have in any home. I will be testing her with dogs other than my own but I am confident that with good owner direction she will do well. 
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6/2/18-Zoey’s owner was forced by the area Dog Control Officer to surrender her to the shelter as she was not being fed or treated well.  She was at the shelter for about 6 weeks until they asked if we could take her to give her a better chance at finding a home.  She arrived at her foster home today so updates soon.