State: Western NY
Age:  about 2 yrs
DOB: unsure
Weight:  unsure
Sex:  female
Color:  Fawn
Neut/upd:  Unsure/unsure
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  No(no history)
Children over 4: unsure
Other Dogs: unsure
Cats:  unsure
Separation Anxiety: Unsure
Leash trained: Unsure
crate trained:  Unsure
house trained:  unsure
obedience trained: Unsure
Adoption Fee $375

6/2/18-Zoey’s owner was forced by the area Dog Control Officer to surrender her to the shelter as she was not being fed or treated well.  She was at the shelter for about 6 weeks until they asked if we could take her to give her a better chance at finding a home.  She arrived at her foster home today so updates soon.